adventurous places in Canada

Adventurous Places in Canada

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Canada covers a vast expanse with countless adventurous places. We like Whistler and heli-skiing in the winter. Be sure to take all the precautions they suggest for avalanches.

Another possiblity is Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. It's not frequently visited, so you will enjoy the quite isolation of the place if you travel away from the major cities.

Of course there is the North Pole. It's possible to scuba dive there, but it's quite dangerous due to the cold and the shifting ice. Nevertheless, the visibility there is better than almost anywhere else. Be aware that the water temperature is actually below 0 degrees C due to the salinity of the water.

Manitoba offers polor bears you can watch from train like cars. We have friends who went there and found the Bears facinating.

Those are just a few possibilities, given the size of the country, there are many options. If you are making travel reservations support charity by purchasing through the advertisers on our site.

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